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This Talk: $14,000 Reasons to Drive an Electric Car
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In this presentation we will delve into all 19 makes and models of electric cars currently available in Canada and we will touch on the dozen’s of others available in the world.

We will look at the varying Ontario rebates (not all cars receive the full $14,000), compare electricity emissions to gas, look at specifications, the range and price tags of both hybrid and full electric models. And we do a buyers guide comparison of at home charging options 30 amp, 40 amp, 50 amp, both plug-n-play and electrician installed – what does it all mean.

Considering that the Government of Ontario will rebate up to $14,000 on the purchase price and give homeowners an additional $1,000 to install an in-garage charging unit – this is a talk you won’t want to miss.

Tonight’s Presenter & Speaker: David Knowles

Where and When:

The Kingston Youth Unlimited Hall
255 Kingscourt Ave, Kingston
Tuesday Night – 6:30 to 8:00pm – February 28th
Plan to Arrive Early for Mix and Mingle with Coffee and Snacks

Talk Series Sponsor:

Carbon Action Task Force
Carbonleader Certification Program
David Knowles – “One of the Ones”
Tel: 613 561 0117 – Tel: 613 561 1214