Carbon Action Task Force


Carbon Action Task Force


The Carbon Action Task Force is a free service led by Carbonleader staff and a small group of community volunteers.

Our Aim is to teach home owners how to measure and reduce their carbon emissions and earn the Carbonleader Certification for 2015/2016.

Our Mission is to measure and reduce citywide emissions by 250,000 tonnes.

There is no charge for the service or the certification.

What’s in it for you.

  • Your Carbonleader Certification will show the community that you are an Environmentally Responsible Individual.

  • You will learn where, when and exactly how much money you’re wasting on energy that you are paying for and not using.

  • Given that 38% of the population is committed to protecting the environment and are concerned about climate change your actions will attract many of your LOHAS friends to take action too.


Lights, heating, cooling, computers, printers, copiers, home office, travel, deliveries, commuting for work, refrigerant leaks, paper waste – these are all ways that your home, office, farm, service or store, even if it’s small, release carbon emissions and contribute to climate change.

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Carbon Action Task Force

David Knowles – Agent Of Change

E: T: 613 561 0117

Our kids have a right to inherit a livable earth!