5 Smart Reasons

5 Smart Reasons to Measure and Reduce Your Carbon Emissions.

We like number 4

  1. Critical Decade: Climate change is happening right now, we feel it, our kids will feel it more and our grand kids worst of all – unless we act now.

  2. Opportunity: Climate Change Changes Everything – the Green Economy is bursting with new opportunities – climate leaders see the opportunities and seize the moment before anyone else.

  3. Requirement: Governments know that big business alone cannot cut emissions far enough in time, soon all business – large and small – will be called upon to do their part – smart business owners won’t wait.

  4. New Markets: Leadership has rewards, a United Nations study ahead of the Paris summit shows nearly 80% of the world’s people want climate action NOW – your actions to reduce emissions will not go unrewarded.

  5. Just Plain Smart: Never go into business simply to compete, go into business to dominate your market – take climate action ahead of your competition, it’s smart business.

Carbon Leadership Programs for Business: Our system of full staff orientation, one-on-one training with your “team champions” and ongoing support make the complex process of measuring and reducing your carbon emissions simple.

Lights, heating, cooling, computers, printers, copiers, business travel, deliveries, staff commuting, refrigerant leaks, paper waste – these are all ways that your office or store, even if it’s small, release carbon emissions and contribute to climate change.