Friends of the Force

“Friends of the Force”

Meet Fen Laird, owner of Frontenac Build & Design. Fen is one of our Business Level Sponsors.

Fen Laird

The Carbon Action Task Force (formed in 2015) is a FREE service led by the Carbonleader staff and a small group of community volunteers. Our Aim is to teach home owners how to measure and reduce their carbon emissions and save big on energy costs.

Carbon Action Task Force is GROWING and sponsorships are available for both business leaders and community leaders alike.

More in-home workshops & events, more community talks, learning materials, a website and booths everywhere in order to reach as many home owners as possible this year.

Join our growing group of volunteers and sponsors become a “Friend of the Force” your kids and grand kids will thank you.

Carbon Action Task Force
Carbonleader Business Certification Program
David Knowles – “One of the Ones”
Tel: 613 561 0117 – Tel: 613 561 1214

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