I’m a “grassroots” recruiter and I want to measure your carbon emissions.


I’m a “grassroots” recruiter and I want to sign you up
and measure your carbon emissions.

Here are the reasons why:

Dopamine is a Kick Ass Feel Good Drug
In 1969 half a million kids went to Woodstock while millions more around the world protested the Vietnam War. Those kids are grown up now and protesting government inaction on climate change. When this huge and growing climate concerned cohort shops at your climate responsible business they are participating in your action. They are doing something that feels good and their brain rewards them with a little shot of dopamine the kick ass feel good drug.

Admired Prosperity
When your business success is linked to environmental action your stature and character in the community soars.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved.
Governments are not going to do it. Our kids do not have a future unless and until grassroots movements to measure and reduce lifestyle carbon emissions start popping up in the world.

First Mover Marketing Advantage
Your first mover advantage and marketing results will far out weigh the cost.


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