Everyone Else Will Remain An Outsider.

Everyone Else Will Remain An Outsider.

Right now, at this moment in time a window of opportunity is open. Passing
through that window is a steady flow of early adopters who understand that
when saturation is reached the window will close and only they will reap the

Everyone else, regardless of their eventual action, will remain an Outsider.

The Millennial generation is watching – worried about climate change and an
uncertain future, they want to know – what is your environmental policy.
The 40 and 50 cohort is watching – the LOHAS generation – their mantra is
healthy body, healthy planet.
The Boomer’s are watching too – the peace, love and drugs generation is now
tuned in to the environment.

The fastest way to shake off your “Outsider” status is to measure and reduce
your carbon footprint and then announce your effort to the world.

Carbonleader Certification offers the carbon management & environmental
leadership programs that early adopters use to seize the opportunity.

Carbonleader Certification offers a line up of awareness building tools:
Certification Certificates, “Carbonleader Minute” Videos, Press Releases, LOHAS
Marketing, Environmental Websites, Certified Business Directory listing and

Carp diem, or be left out.

David Knowles – Agent Of Change

Carbonleader Certification Program

E: carbonleadercertified@gmail.com T: 613 561 0117 or 613 561 1214

Our kids have a right to inherit a livable earth! 

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