Sustainability an environmental gesture or just plain really smart business.

Top 5 reasons your Small/Medium Business should care about sustainability:

  1. Cost Cutting: Sustainability automatically improves your bottom line. When you foster a business culture of energy efficiency you identify ways to slash electricity and natural gas use almost by default.

  2. Customer Demand: Going green not only saves money, it also attracts new customers who care about your firm’s environmental footprint. According to World Resource Institute – “The most effective way to demonstrate environmental concern is to measure and reduce business operation Green House Gas emissions”.

  3. Leadership: Environmental responsibility comes with rewards, by taking a leading edge position and embracing sustainability you include yourself and your business in the community’s conversation on environmental policy.

  4. Employee Satisfaction: Working for a bigger cause excites employees. When sustainability is part of your business culture it becomes a selling-point to attract and retain fired-up new staff.

  5. Reputation and Publicity: Fostering positive customer relations through sustainable initiatives generates higher perceived value in your products and services and improves your business image.

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